River of No Return Whitewater Rafting Adventure

Idaho’s Salmon River

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The River of No Return – is one of the greatest whitewater river trips in North America. Traveling through the largest wilderness in the Lower 48 States, the River of No Return is unmatched for family-friendly whitewater, beautiful white sand beaches, and an amazing outdoor experience for all ages.

The Salmon River offers a unique experience for everyone. With warm weather, water, no cell service, and incredible scenery, what more could a family on vacation want? The Salmon River is particularly ideal for younger children with the large beaches and plenty of room to explore at camp. For a full family experience we are sure you will enjoy the Salmon River. Of course each family is unique and the best river trip for you and your family will depend on you. Please call us at 208.756.7002 or email us at

Availability changes rapidly on all of our trips. We ask that you please contact us regarding available seating on any of our packages and tours. Please contact us and double check our available spaces before making your final reservation.

We hope you and your family are able to join us on the river and share all the excitement a whitewater river rafting trip has to offer. A river trip is not just the whitewater but so much more. Let us share this unique experience with you.

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