Middle Fork of Salmon River Whitewater Adventure
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Launch dates are the same for each year. Veterans receive a 20% discount!

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Launch Date Type of Trip Adult Cost Youth (12 & Under)
June 21 5 day Lodge to Lodge Stay $2300 $2200
June 29 5 day Lodge to Lodge Stay $2300 $2200
July 7 5 day Camping Trip $1750 $1550
July 15 5 day Camping Trip $1750 $1550
July 23 5 day Camping Trip $1750 $1550
July 31 5 day Camping Trip $1750 $1550
August 8 5 day Camping Trip $1750 $1550
August 16 6 day Camping Trip $1895 $1685
August 24 6 day Camping Trip $1895 $1685
September 1 5 Day Lodge to Lodge Trip $2300 $2200
October 10 6 Day Steelhead Trip $2600 $2600


Included in Your Salmon River Rafting Trip

All vacations include transportation from Salmon, Idaho to the river launch site, full camping gear, delicious cuisine, snacks, drinks,  including beer and wine, and anything you may need during the rafting trip.

Lodge to Lodge Trips

For more information on our Lodge to Lodge Trips, please click here.

Chartered Rafting Trips

We specialize in working with large groups. Any trip can be chartered by reserving 12 or more seats on the trip. Trips include: Corporate, Family and Kids,  Reunions, Women Only, Religious and more. We will help you develop exactly what type of trip you are looking for. Any chartered trip can be either a Camping or Lodge-to-Lodge trip, or combination trip of Camping and Lodge stays.

All trips are subject to cancellation due to high water, forest fires, and anything beyond the control of River of No Return Wilderness River Outfitters, Inc.

Getting to Salmon and Pre-trip Planning

You will need to arrive in Salmon by at least 7pm the day before your launch date. You will need to attend the pre-trip meeting at 7pm the evening before your launch date. There are a few hotels in Salmon that we can recommend for your stay. Please visit My Rafting Trip page for accommodations.

Salmon, Idaho is a remote area, and there are only a few options to get here. If you are flying in to the area, Boise, Idaho; Idaho Falls, Idaho; and Missoula, Montana are the closest large airports. From Boise, you can take a short flight (45 min) with McCall/Salmon Air or rent a car to drive to Salmon. From Idaho Falls or Missoula, you will need to rent a car and drive to Salmon. From Boise, it is five hours by car and from either Idaho Falls or Missoula the drive is approximately three hours.

Transportation after the River Trip

We will help you make your post-trip plans. This may involve having your car shuttled around to the take-out point or taking a short flight from McCall, Idaho to Salmon; or McCall to Boise. Post-trip transportation is not included in the price of the trip.

Important Information for All Guests:

  • 1) All clients will be required to follow the safety policies and procedures of River of No Return Wilderness Outfitters, Inc. and the guide’s instructions during activities.
  • 2) All clients will be required to sign a Participant Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risks Agreement in favor of River of No Return Wilderness Outfitters, Inc. before departing on any trip.
  • 3) Each client agrees and acknowledges when they sign up for a River of No Return Wilderness Outfitters, Inc. trip that they have significant responsibility for their own safety and they agree they are ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for their own safety during participation in activities.