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River of No Return Wilderness Outfitters is Idaho’s premier whitewater river outfitter, based year-round in Salmon, Idaho. Our love and passion for the Salmon River is evident in every trip we do. Our all-inclusive five and six day river trips allow you to relax, unwind, and enjoy the peace and beautiful wild landscape of the Salmon River.

Matt + Breann Green

We have owned River of No Return Wilderness Outfitters since 2013. Both of us began guiding on the Salmon River when we turned 18 and have guided on the Middle Fork Salmon, Selway and Main Salmon Rivers. We both grew up in Salmon, Idaho and were classmates from preschool through graduation. Our passion for our community and the Salmon River brought us back together in Salmon, Idaho. We have four kids: Zane (11), Whitney (5), Vivianne (3), and Daphne (1). Our company is at home on the Salmon River and would love to share all it has to offer with people looking for a wilderness vacation.

Zach Westfall

Zach is one of our lead guides and has been working with RNR since 2015. He has been guiding on the Main Salmon since he was 18 years old (2007), although he has been floating down the river for most of his life. Along with his Main Salmon experience, Zach has worked several seasons on the Middle Fork Salmon River. He is the owner’s (Breann Green) brother. Zach is married to his wonderful wife Crysta and they have a daughter Zoe (2) and a son McKay (0); yes, that is after the famous Salmon River Scow driver Jonny McKay. When he is not busy wrangling kids or on the river, Zach, who lives in Salmon, Idaho, works at the local ski hill, Lost Trail Powder Mountain grooming runs and creating exciting terrain park rails and jumps. His passion for the river is matched by few and he works hard to make sure your vacation is something you will not soon forget.

Andy + Marie Chroninger

Andy has guided for RNR since 2015 and often brings his wife Marie along as a sous-chef. They live in Boise, Idhao and have a house in Salmon, Idaho. They are river rats from way back and love this river as much as any of us. Andy is enjoying recent retirement with grandkids and roadtrips on his dual-sport motorcycle.

Jerry + Terry Myers

These two are recovering Salmon River outfitters. They live in the Salmon River Canyon below North Fork, Idaho. Occasionally, RNR gets lucky enough to get one or both of them to guest guide a trip with us. The experience and energy they bring to the crew is infectious. They are avid steelheaders and work diligently to help recover our wild fish in Idaho.

Tom Dieffenbach

My full name is Thomas Reed Dieffenbach, most students just called me “Dief.”  The 2P on my license plate stands for Power County where I live in American Falls, Idaho. I am married to Linda.  We have been married for 28 years.
I have three grown children:  Cody, Hillary and Max.  Cody and Hillary live in Bellevue Idaho and Max lives near Tacoma, Washington.
When I was about 5 years old the family moved from the east to Lake Oswego Oregon where we stayed until I was in 10th grade.  Then my father was transferred back east again and we lived in Delaware and Pennsylvania.  Following graduation from Kennett Square High School in 1971, I followed my father’s footsteps and went to the University of Maine, graduating with a BS degree in Botany in 1975.   It was at the U of M that I started started down the dark path of playing Rugby.  I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had chose Lacrosse.
I came to Idaho in 1977 and started working on a MS degree at Idaho State University in Natural History.  While completing this degree I also picked up a teaching certification (never thinking I would really use it).  A rugby buddy told me that they were looking for a science teacher in American Falls, said “you ought to interview just for the experience.”  They were either very desperate or somehow I impressed them enough that they offered a me a job.  And the rest was history…. I taught Biology, Astronomy, and Anatomy for 34 years at American Falls High School, home of the Beavers.
I started rafting and kayaking with some other rugby friends sometime in the 1980’s and did a Main Salmon kayak trip where I met the infamous Jerry Myers of Silver Cloud.  He either needed someone to slice onions or a tall volleyball player because he offered to put me through the required training trips to become a real guide.  My first guided trips may have begun in 1990 or 1991, so I could have 28 years on the river!   You would think I would know it better.
I retired in 2014.  I miss my classroom, students, and some teachers and other staff.   I don’t miss any administrators or meetings (I bet you hear that from your Dad).
I like to telemark ski and ride my bike when I am not on the river.  Maybe this year I will get back into my kayak.  I like to read too.  Maybe one day I will visit Germany and sail the Pacific.

Tucker Hamilton

Tucker (left) grew up in Salmon, Idaho and graduated high school at the head of his class. He is currently enrolled at the College of Idaho hoping to get into Medical School to become an anesthesiologist. Tucker has been with RNR since 2018. Along with his culinary skills he is quite competent as a mixologist.

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